Timeline Project 1950 - 2008

1. Students will choose a partner and pick a country. For your country, you and your partner will create a detailed timeline about your assigned country on this WIKI for the timeperiod 1950-2008. Country names are listed on the Navigation bar to the left and are assigned by period. You must explain key events and people. Be sure to bold events and people within the timeline.

2. In parenthese after each item, please list whether the event or person had a political, economic, social or religious affect on the country.

For example:

1964 Leonid Brezhnez (1964-1982) replaced Krushchev as the leader of the USSR. (POLITICAL)

1965 Leonid Brezhnev and the Soviet Union's aid to Ho Chi Minh cause the United States to fear Soviet Expansion into SE

3. Once the timeline is complete, you and your partner will have to review the timeline and come up with 2-3 pivotal themes that are present within the timeline. For example, a theme could be war, social upheaval, etc. You will present these themes to the class along with their corresponding important people and events. You will be required to do a 10 minute oral presentation. You can create a powerpoint and put the link on this WIKI, create a whole new page on this WIKI, or use your WIKI timeline and highlight the different areas by theme. However, it has to be presented in an organized fashion.

4. You must also provide two visuals within the timeline and provide captions for the visuals.

5. I will also need a separate MLA Works Cited page for each partnership due the day of the oral presentation Be sure to take a look at the resources tab to the left for some helpful websites.

6. I will be looking at these WIKI's as you progress and I will provide feedback through the discussion tab.

Room 213: April 17, 18 and 21.

Presentations: April 22, 23 and 24.

MC Test: Friday April 25 on Chapters 30 and 31 (50 Points).

Timeline: Due Monday April 21st by the end of the day. I will be going on the WIKI after school this day to copy your timelines so that the class will have a hard copy.

Value: 50 Points (This will serve as the essay component of the Chapter 30 and 31 Test)

Have fun with this WIKI, but be sure to provide me with a stellar timeline that demonstrates your abilities as AP students.